Search Engine Hints

To search:

  • Select a search category (name, label, or number).
  • All info does not need to be filled out. For instance entering CIMP in the label field will return all recordings on that label.
  • Enter some information in the "Starts with" box.
  • Click on "Search".
  • For items under group names enter the starting string of the group name in the lastname field.
  • We do not use any spaces in the label field. For example hat art would be listed as hatart.
  • The search is not case sensitive.

This program will allow you to keep a shopping basket of items that you wish to order.

  • After you do an initial search you can click on the highlighted link of any item that interests you. If this is an item that you wish to order, you can then simply click on the "buy" button.
  • When you are done with your order you will be presented with a list of everything in your shopping basket. You can add or remove items; when you are satisfied with your order you can either send it via email from the page or you can print the order and fax or mail it to us.


  • If you are having trouble finding an item try entering only the information or characters that you are sure about. You can change the search criteria to enable you to search for character strings at the beginning, anywhere, and end.
  • If you search by name for an artist who is a sideman on a recording, you may get a listing that does not show that artist's name (and wonder why this listing appears)-- but, if you look at the details, you will see the sideman's name in the co-artists listing.
  • If you search by number and enter only a few digits, you will get everything that begins with those digits UNLESS too many items match, in which case you will only get a partial listing of matching items (a message will explain that there are additional matches). For example, search by number and enter "101", and too many matching items will be found to display them all. If this happens, you can narrow the search by adding additional digits by, for example, entering "1016," and you will get all items starting with 1016.
  • You may find blank fields returned when you do a search. This reflects fields that are not filled out in our database, not an error in the program. 

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