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This is our complete database of available recordings. Here are some hints for better performance.

No results

Our search engine will remember your last settings. This is helpful for those that only ever want to see what CD's we have and are not concerned about LP's or other formats. If you have checked off only show recordings in the last 7 days for instance you may find you get far fewer results. When in doubt, press the reset defaults button at the bottom of the search engine.

Too much information

This is a relational database include less information rather than more information. For example if you are not sure how a name is spelled only spell the portion you know. "ELL" will return all results for an artist with the first three letters starting with "ELL". This would include Ella and Ellington. Do not fill out more fields than you need for a result. You do not need to enter an artist, a label, and a number unless you really need that level of fine tuning.

You can even get very large results by putting very little information in at all. For example. If you clear all the fields and click on search you will get a return of all items we have available. You could also enter the letter "S" in the label begins with field and you will get an ordered list of every record label we have that begins with the letter "S".

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